About Go Virtual 360

Virtual Reality is increasingly growing as a promotional strategy primarily because of its effectivity in showing of products and services to the consumers because of the immersive experience it provides to the customer as well as the very novelty of the platform.

Go Virtual 360 specialises in developing content and apps for the Virtual reality platforms. In the world where virtual experiences are increasingly becoming more and more life-like, we aim to deliver quality content to enhance that experience across industries. Our team consists of those with an enriched expertise and experience within the VR, technology and content industry .We also intend and develop a content platform to host content from various sources, thus providing end to end VR services, right from conceptualization to display.

Ensure that your audience are at the heart of the action. Whether it is test driving a car, flying a jet or playing competitive cricket, VR is the next best thing to being there. Why not capture your next marketing event in 360 surround video to give others the excitement of a launch event?

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Gurjot Singh

Gurjot began his entrepreneurial journey at the age 21 with his own event management company " Muziqueevents" in 2009.

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