Large or small, corporate or public, events essentially are based on the experiences. VR will give you an experience of actually being there and view the event in different angles. With wearable technology growing leaps and bounds and technology converging rapidly, virtual events promise to be as popular, if not more, as the live events. Vendor Demos in trade shows will drastically transform, thus improving the chance of acquiring the customer. In case of personal events such as weddings, those who are unable to make it to the ceremony can still be a part of the celebration. The resulting 360 degree video also forms a timeless memory that can be virtually relieved several times.

Eg. Hardwell recently was on an India tour and his concert was sold out in a jiffy. Various slabs of ticket prices were for sale basis the proximity to the stage. Despite paying huge amounts for the tickets, the experience remains quite restricted, the view being either of the front, middle or the last row. Want to experience what Hardwell view is like? Switch to his view and be a part of actually viewing the audience the way he does. Nothing can replace this intense experience.  

Virtual reality has been predicted as the next big thing in entertainment for some time, but only within the last two or three years has it started to emerge as a real possibility. Virtual reality appeared on the Sundance Film Festival for the second year running, but this time with more than a dozen installations for different games, films and a range of other platforms. With the number of virtual reality providers growing each year.