With Sony announcing the PS4 VR, the gaming industry is all set to embrace VR. It will drastically transform the level of engagement and interactivity within the game. While playing a game, what if you don't need to rely on an avatar or a console? With VR technology one can actually be a part of the video games immersive experience. For instance while playing counter strike any other war simulated game, all you need to do is snap on the gear and scan through for the enemy by simply moving your head around. These games not only help entertain but also can be used in defense to create combat-like situations and yet be safe.

Eg. Star Wars Battlefront is scheduled to arrive exclusively on PlayStation VR. Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine, on the other hand uses HTC Vive to implement VR. The player While playing the game of zombies, the player can actually see the peeling rotting flesh of a Zombie in case it gets too close. These thrills make the gaming experience extremely exciting.