The real estate market will be downsized by 57 billion USD. These funds are going to be relocated to cost effective ways of acquiring leads and customers. Here's where VR steps in. One can actually experience the feel of being in the home while checking out the view of each room as well as the positioning of each room. A 360 degree camera can be mounted on the roof of the building to show the positioning of the building, its proximity from the public transport, near-by stores, other buildings etc.

Eg. Sales offices for Luma, a new 24-story condominium development in Seattleā€™s First Hill neighborhood stood out amongst its competitors. Construction on the project had barely broken ground at that point but prospective buyers could still tour units in virtual reality, "walking" around mock layouts and peering out windows to envision the enviable view they might be able to wake up to every morning. All this using VR to simulate the layout to the buyer.