Sports could use VR both for audience and players. VR helps the audience get an immersive experience of their favourite sports and get up close to the action. VR not only helps in duplicating the feel of a stadium but also enhance it, not just by a flat multi angle view. For instance if you want the view that an umpire or a player from the stand gets, you can switch to the view and enjoy experience In case of players, VR can be used to practice, improve skills or acquire new ones. It also helps the player to be prepared for any possible situation during the live game. The player also gets an instant feedback on their performance and areas of improvement.

Eg. Imagine sitting in a stadium to watch your favourite cricket match, let's say India vs. Pakistan. The match begins and after a while Virat Kohli and Dhoni are making way into a strong partnership. Anticipation and tension runs high. Want to get closer to the nail biting action? Switch to the umpire‚Äôs view and you see what he sees. And its a six! You happen to glance at the celebrity box and cheering along with others is the god of cricket himself, Sachin Tendulkar. What would his view be like? Switch to his view and see what he sees. Turn left and you see the BCCI chief. Switch to the players in the stands view. Right next to you sits Yuvraj Singh cheering. All this is possible by placing 360 degree cameras across the stadium. These are the experiences that regular live matches do not have. And all of it right from the comfort of your home.