Virtual Reality will help enhance the real world travel. For consumers, it enables better planning. This is a super-technological try before you buy tool that lets you get a taste for an area or activity before you actually decide to go. Companies like Qantas, British Airways, and Marriott have already started experimenting with it as a marketing too.

Ex. Imagine walking through a hotel room before you book, or exploring a location’s sights and sounds as you narrow down a shortlist of vacation destinations, all from inside your home and using your phone. In case you’ve got a week’s vacation planned, or a three-day work trip. In either scenario, you want to make the most of your time, doing the things that appeal most to you and your family, friends or colleagues. Incorporating virtual tours into your planning process can help in a big way. You can virtually walk through the streets, check out the places around the hotel, examine places you intend to visit and take a call if they are important enough to visit or can be dropped.